After months of preparation, we are pleased to announce the official grand opening of "Inspirational Gifts by E. B. Schmidt".  Details...

A monkey or an elephant can create art, but have you ever seen one create a detailed fractal?  A case for intelligent design.

In this blog I am going to talk about pixelated edges that are an unwanted result of digital editing. 

This blog entry is written for anyone who is experiencing a problem with their images pixelating.

I chose to open my first online galleries with some abstract art rather than photography because I felt that it captured more of my personality as an artist. 

...It’s that desire to be close to Him - to have a relationship with Him that is relevant and meaningful.  I don’t want to just go through the motions of it all.  I don’t want mere religion...

Never underestimate the impact that your words may have when sharing with others about what God is doing in your life.

About two years ago I was at a baptism service in which a youth who was about to be baptized shared his testimony...  

Tended to think (and still struggle with thinking) that the only thing other people see in me are my mistakes or faults...

The creation of the album itself was a labor of love and a huge learning experience.  It took a long time to complete due to many obstacles.  For example...

His love for You is intense, perfect... real.  It goes beyond our intellectual concepts.  Beyond our emotional feelings.  When you're in His presence and He pours out His love on you, it is an overwhelming experience that words simply cannot describe.  Do you KNOW this love?  Does your love for Him go beyond mere words?  Is it personal?  Is it real?  There is nothing more important in this world than the relationship that you have with Him.   

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