HEALING HANDS - behind the lyrics

I decided to tell about this song first in light of the Easter holiday that we just celebrated…

About two years ago I was at a baptism service in which a youth who was about to be baptized shared his testimony.  He shared about a vision he had when he gave his life to Christ.  He stated that he saw himself covered from head to toe in filth.  Then, at the moment when he prayed to God and surrendered himself, he saw two giant hands reach down from heaven and wipe him clean.  That image of God reaching into our lives really struck me and inspired the words to the chorus:  “May Your healing hands, Lord Jesus, reach into my life; take this heart of mine and cleanse it from within…” 

After the service, I went home and began thinking more about Christ’s hands.  His hands had the power to heal the sick and to cast out demons.  His hands were not afraid to reach out to those that society had rejected.  His hands burned with righteous anger when he made a whip and drove out the dishonorable practices from within the Temple courts.  His hands had the power to do great miracles.  The authority of God was in his hands, and yet he chose to submit his hands to the cross.  Unbelievable!  Why would he do that?  Because above all else, his hands were filled with love.  The verses to this song are a reflection of these thoughts.  “Your hands were nailed to a cross that bore my shame. Your love was poured out with mercy and with pain…”

The greatest thing about celebrating Easter, though, is knowing that those hands were not conquered by the power of death.  Christ still has healing, compassion, justice, righteousness, authority… and above all else, love, in his powerful hands.  His sacrifice was for a specific reason – our salvation.  He desires to reach into our lives daily, free us from any bondage that our sins have caused and to bring healing from the inside-out.  Will we let him?

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