Inspirational Gifts Grand Opening!

After months of preparation, we are pleased to announce the official grand opening of "Inspirational Gifts by E. B. Schmidt". 



  • PURPOSE:  Purchases help EB's family in their ministry and it raises funds for the ministries/charities that they support.

  • PRODUCTS:  Mugs, shirts, greeting cards, pillows, holiday gifts, and much more.

  • ADAPTABILITY:   If you have a favorite scripture that you would like to see paired with one of EB's works, please contact us.  She will be glad to design it.  (Serious inquires only please.  View the online gallery for all images.)

  • PRICES:  Please keep in mind that this is a print-on-demand gift shop.  Products are created one order at a time rather than being mass produced.  The expense of production for print-on-demand is higher than that of mass production.

  • MARKETING:  We will not be bombarding you with spam.  (You’re welcome.)  However, in order to not have this store become a distant memory, we will highlight one or two products a month on social media and also let you know when a new set of products is created.


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